Welcome to my portfolio, my name is Remco van Dongen. I am 3d/VFX artist originally from the Netherlands, but currently living in the UK.

I recently graduated from the University of South Wales (it used to be known as the University of Glamorgan). My main interests lay with the technical side of 3d, e.g. the setting up of dynamics, particles and lighting and taking them into compositing.

During college I have done internships in an architectural firm, an architectural visualisation firm and a small film studio during which I did various jobs like compositing, keying, 2d tracking, modelling, lighting, texturing, managing renders and adjusting blueprints. I hope to make a fulltime career out of this.

On the left you can see my latest show reel, feel free to look around and see the work in more detail. If you have a question or a remark I would love to hear from you.